Partnering for a Safer Community

“And so out of care for our city, we want to play a role in being part of the solution, supporting
the efforts of others working in this area, and creating a safer community for our neighbors
as well as our students, colleagues, and families.”
Fr. Stephen Surovick, S.J.
Sr. Director, Mission & Ministry

St. Joseph's Prep is proud to join with neighbor schools to host a gun buyback event on October 29. At a press conference on Tuesday, October 18, Rev. Stephen Surovick, S.J., Senior Director of Mission and Ministry, joined Bryan Carter, President and CEO of Gesu School, F. Christopher Goins, President of Girard College, State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta, and Bilal Qayyum of the Father's Day Rally Committee to announce the initiative designed to prevent gun accidents at home and curb their use in criminal activity.

We join together in the spirit of “Cura Apostolica” care for the community, Bryan Carter, president of the Gesu School stated. Participants who turn in a working long gun/rifle will receive a $100 ShopRite gift card, while those who turn in a working handgun or semi-automatic rifle will receive a $200 Visa gift card. No questions asked. The event was covered by four local news stations. Click on the right to view coverage. 

The buyback event is also supported by Old St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, City Council of Philadelphia, the PA Office of Attorney General, and the Philadelphia Police Department.

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