Liam Johnson ’20, Student at Princeton University

Prep teachers don’t simply wish to instill academic knowledge in each student, but also social understanding, respect, and excellence. They have challenged me to extend and push myself beyond my limits with both compassion and brilliance, preparing me for any challenge I may come across in the future.”
St. Joseph's Preparatory School proudly prepares its students for the nation's finest colleges and universities through a rigorous, traditional academic program.
Our faculty have an average of 17 years of service to the Prep, and several are alumni who have returned "home" to give back to their alma mater. Of the full-time faculty here, including approximately 70 men and women, more than 90% hold Masters degrees. Many also coach, teach at our summer program, and lead service trips during spring and summer breaks.

The goal of academics at the Prep is to prepare our students not only to get into the top colleges in the nation, but to thrive and succeed once they're there. Additionally, and in true Jesuit form, at the center of the Prep's academic philosophy is the Ignatian tradition of educating the mind and the heart. Meaning, at our institution, no student should reach the end of his day feeling either unchallenged or unloved.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from St. Joseph's Preparatory School, a student must earn a minimum of 26 academic credits, satisfy the State of Pennsylvania requirement for physical education and fulfill community service requirements through our Ignatian Service Program. To learn more, please explore the Program of Studies.

Special Academic Opportunities

Once students pass the basic course requirements, they are encouraged to expand on their achievements through Advanced Placement courses and explore an exciting range of electives. Students interested in language and literature may choose from Courses like Personal Writing, Censorship, or Elements of Drama. Students serious about science may choose to expand their computer expertise, take Advanced Placement courses, or experience field research in an Environmental Science class. Elective art courses include sculpture, painting, ceramics and illustration.

Advanced Placement courses are offered in 17 areas of study including History, English, Science, Latin, Mathematics, Computer Science and Psychology. Many of the Prep's AP students receive college credit as a result of their performance in the Advanced Placement examinations.


The Prep is fully accredited by the Pennsylvania State Department of Public Instruction and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.

It is also an active member of the Jesuit Schools Network, the National Catholic Education Association, the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools, and the Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools.
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